Naked Flame Candles

The Naked Flame journey began from a simple candle making kit, received as a stocking filler for Christmas in 2007.

We don’t take our commitment lightly. We aim to be the best at giving our customers exactly what they want. And we wont stop at ensuring the perfect result every time you buy one of our products.

Our love for fragrance will ensure your home smells wonderful and just as importantly, you get good value for money. So many high end brands out there, you’re simply paying for the name. At Naked Flame Candles, you’re paying for the product, and the love put into every creation that comes out of our kitchens.

And if you're a keen supporter of one of the brands we stock, we will do our best to ensure we have the products you like, at the cheapest price possible. 

Naked Flame Candles – The Home Of Fragrance.

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