Chesapeake Bay Large Tumbler - Reflection & Clarity

Reflection & Clarity (Sea Salt Sage) The fragrance notes are as follows: -

Top: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sea Salt

Mid: Chamomile, Cyclamen, Sage

Base: Rosemary, Thyme, Cedarwood Sea salt,

Clary sage and dewy cyclamen aromas clear the air with an inspiring freshness akin to a brisk morning sunrise reflecting on the shore.

Our Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Candles are infused with scents to help restore balance when consumers need to centre and self-reflect.

The soft, sophisticated fragrances of our aromatherapy inspired candles are made with essential oils and a soy wax blend.

The frosted glass vessels are designed in soothing tones, that complement the fragrances, and can help to create a peaceful environment with their colour and ambient glow when alight.

The clean, simple design also includes a wood style lid to complement any decor.

Product Specifics

Height: 150mm

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