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Woodwick Icy Woodland Ellipse Candle Jar

Icy Woodland The fragrance notes are as follows: -

Top Layer: Magnolia Birch

Mid Layer: Juniper & Spruce

Base: Lavender & Cedar Create a unique scent experience as layers melt together.

All Trilogy candles feature natural wooden wicks and are available in Medium and Large Jars and the Hearthwick Flame Ellipse.

Woodwick Trilogy Collection offers fragrance combinations, each creating its own, unique experience as the layers melt together!

Woodwick Trilogy Collection Ellipse

Candles also feature a soft crackle from a natural wooden wick that Crackles as it Burns.

The distinctive crackle and long, dancing flame of Ellipse WoodWick Candles is created by a patented HEARTHWICK Flame.

An indulgence for your senses, enjoy rich layers of fragrance, a crackling wick and a stylish teardrop shaped glass vessel to recreate the refined glow of a fireplace in any room in your home.

Product Specifics

Height: 85mm Width: 115mm Depth: 190mm

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