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Price's Large Jar Candle - Midnight Wishes

Midnight strikes, that moment between two days when the end corresponds to a new beginning.

A magical moment that has inspired poets and dreamers of all times.

Midnight Wishes captures this moment when new wishes take shape, like rosebuds wrapped in citrus and spices on a bed of sandalwood, ready to blossom the next day.

Price's large jar candles are the ultimate candle for fragrance fans.

Their classic shape and substantial size means you can enjoy your favourite fragrance for longer.

Made with the highest quality waxes and fragrance bespoke to us, this candle is easy to use and relight, giving up to 150 hours of burn time.

Product Specifics

Weight: 1064g Height: 179mm Width: 95mm Depth: 95mm 

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Data sheet

Burn Time
upto 150 hours

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