Inspired By Collection Men\'s Royal White Bohemian Glass Candle

A 230ml candle presented in a truly exquisite hand crafted jar, complete with a decorative lid. The glass is a gorgeous Royal White colour with a gold trim. Choose from the many wonderful fragrances based on top rated after shaves. As the wax burns down, the flame will glow through the glass giving a beautiful glow. With upto 100 hours of burn time, this candle will provide your home with a touch of class, and many many hours of wonderful scent.

NOTE:- The fragrances in the Inspired By Range are not the amazing top class aftershaves we all know and love. The fragrances simply use similar ingredients to give a similar scent. Each scent is tested to ensure the end result.

Product Specifics

Height: 125mm Width: 80mm Depth: 80mm

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